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Character profiles

(based on his role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Race: Navennán
Age: late 70s but no-one knows exactly
Rank: High Lord Procurator of the land
Appearance: albino, balding, pockmarked skin
Relationship: none
Character: callous, quick-tempered, vindictive, manipulative, cruel
Worst habits: torture and death
Hobbies: torture and death
Favourite food: anything stolen from the natives
Favourite colour: blood red
Extra fact: Santovin fears being murdered and always has androids on guard in his bed-chamber

Santovin is the nemesis of all, including his own people. Evil incarnate, Santovin is feared by all and rules with an iron thumb. He fears for his life and surrounds himself with android body guards. He seems invincible.

I wanted to create someone you could hate; someone without any real redeeming features, yet even his malice is in some way understandable. He has no understanding of compassion having never received any due to his ghostly countenance. He is an outcast in his own society and he takes his hatred out on everyone.

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