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Character profiles

(based on his role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Race: Navennán
Age: 31
Rank: section leader over Wilderwood and surrounding enclaves
Appearance: gangly, cropped black hair, sly green eyes, narrow faced
Relationship: none
Character: petulant, cruel, domineering, dim witted, impatient
Worst habits: all of the above
Hobbies: women, torture
Favourite food: anything hard for the Roumanhis to find
Favourite colour: not disclosed
Extra fact: Slythe cannot read very well

Slythe is your typical ignorant tyrant, cowardly and cruel. He thinks nothing of taking what he wants, including women whether they want him or not. He is a bully and enjoys nothing more than throwing his weight around.

He hates the Roumanhis and he hates his post in the forest. He is vying to return to a better post in the city and is determined to show how well he can run his section.

He is a hateful character with no redeeming features to speak of and was designed to show the worst side of the Navennán's nature.

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