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Character profiles

(based on his role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Race: Navennán
Age: 46
Appearance: tall, slim, greying short black hair, green eyes, hairy chest
Relationship: married to Ralamani, father to Salmis (son)
Character: organised, disciplined, compassionate, intelligent, daring
Worst habits: committing atrocities against the Roumanhis, overly fastidious
Hobbies: keeping fit
Favourite food: roast buckoo
Favourite colour: never considered the question
Extra fact: Travis has sometimes gone behind Santovin's back in order to prevent punishments or death befalling people he cares about

I didn't plan Travis, I just needed someone in authority to use as an example of how people can become trapped in the society they live in and be corrupted morally through fear and commitment. Throughout history people have performed the most ghastly acts against others because of the circumstances they find themselves in, and while this doesn't justify the act, is does sometimes explain it.

As I expanded his role he grew on me and became a crucial link in the chain towards liberation. He is a typical commander: decisive, precise, neat, disciplined and forceful. As Santovin's second in command he is also feared and has a terrible reputation. He is responsible for many of the atrocities against the Roumanhi people, yet he is a loving husband and father. Not everything is black and white. Travis is definitely grey.

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