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Character profiles

(based on her role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Race: Kalkassian
Age: unknown but older than Hollam although she doesn't look it
Rank: Jaidus of the Kalkassian council
Appearance: tall, slender, long dark decorated hair, sea-grey eyes,
Relationship: un-bonded but partner to Hollam
Character: elegant, empathic, kind, wise, patient
Worst habits: closing herself off, expending too much energy on others to her own detriment
Hobbies: dancing, collecting shells, keeping Hollam out of trouble
Favourite food: crunchy seaweed
Favourite colour: aquamarine
Extra fact: Hollam is not the only man whose heart she has stolen

Breeze is from the Great Divide, Kalkassa, and is from an ancient race of coastal and sea-faring people. Although she doesn't feature much in the first novel, she is a vital character. Like Arwen in Lord of the Rings, who is mysterious, beautiful and a source of courage for Aragorn, Hollam's motives for many of his actions are linked to his undying love for Breeze. To the secret envy of many her beauty, grace and empathy has stolen his heart.

As a
Jaidus she has abilities beyond the knowledge of the Roumanhis, but Kalkassian secrecy forbids her from using her true gifts for healing in the land. Instead she studies the natives' techniques and reveals little of her land or race, even to Hollam. Breeze carries many secrets.

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