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Character profiles

(based on his role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Race: Roumanhi
Age: around 40
Rank: Head of Vinewood
Appearance: a goliath, one brown eye, eye-patch, long grey hair, bad scarring, flat nose
Relationship: un-bonded
Character: stern, brusque, patient, intelligent, courageous
Worst habits: lack of hospitality,lack of remorse over taking lives
Hobbies: strategising to defeat the enemy, playing the hand drum
Favourite food: everything
Favourite colour: orange
Extra fact: secretly admires his cousin Tarn but would never openly let him know this.

Gilgarad is a goliath of a man - he makes Hollam seem puny. He is a fighter but very protective of his people. He does not fear to kill although he is Roumanhi and this has created a rift between him and his cousin Tarn. He was a great gladiator and has killed many men.

I wanted a character that, despite his reputation, is measured, calm and patient, even if he isn't warm and hospitable. He is more a representation of ancient times, when the Roumanhis waged wars and did not live in Clans, hence his name is that of one of the royal ancestors so revered in the land.

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