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Character profiles

(based on his role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Age: about 33
tall, broad, muscular, shaggy dark hair, large hazel eyes, beaming smile
Relationship: unbonded but partner to Breeze
Character: larger than life, passionate, courageous, honourable, genial, prankster
Worst habits: clumsy, messy, impulsive, sometimes reckless, disrespecting the monarchy
Hobbies: wrestling, brewing mead and drinking it, practical jokes, singing
Favourite food: fresh bread with honey and mead
Favourite colour: grey - the colour of Breeze's eyes
Extra fact: before coming of age, Hollam was banned from Rowanwood enclave for a time due to his frequent flouting of enclave law through his liaisons with the young ladies.

Hollam is the lovable rogue who is always getting into scrapes and having to get out of them again. He was influenced by my childhood love of Han Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones - heroes who don't get everything right; who don't have things easy and who suffer to achieve their goals but retain a cynical humour. Harrison Ford, if only he never aged, would have been perfect for the role, albeit a few inches too short for the lofty Hollam.

Unfortunately for Hollam, who was never originally intended to be such an important character, his role grew to match his personality and he duly suffers for it. I have to admit I have a giant soft spot for the man. His determination and inner strength to overcome everything thrown at him, even when he doesn't have all the answers, has actually helped me to overcome some of my own difficulties. I admire him.

Harrison Ford

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