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Character profiles

(based on her role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Race: Roumanhi
Age: early 70s perhaps
Rank: second in command at Wilderwood, chief healer and seamstress
Appearance: slim, silver hair, golden eyes, kind face
Relationship: bond-mate deceased
Character: loyal, doting mother, wise, troubled, kind
Worst habits: secrecy, apparent bias towards Cail over Hollam
Hobbies: needlecraft
Favourite food: honey cakes
Favourite colour: silver
Extra fact: Negram's secrets are deeper and darker than her sons could ever imagine.

What a mystery she is, the mother who is prepared to sacrifice those most precious to her to preserve the Roumanhi way of life. She can seem cold to some, brusque and unforgiving, but she carries a burden and a fear few can know.
To her sons she is everything; their mentor, their ally and their comfort, although Cail, to all intents and purposes, appears favoured above the more unruly Hollam.

Negram is a skilled seamstress and a healer, and she tends to reside in the house of healing. After all that she has endured, it is astonishing that she takes T'skya under her motherly wing.

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