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Character profiles

(based on her role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Race: Roumanhi
Age: around 26
Wilderwood council member and warrior
Appearance: tall, fire-red wavy hair, black eyes, pale skin
Relationship: un-bonded - ex lover of Cail and Hollam
Character: intense, passionate, determined, troubled, courageous, single minded
Worst habits: jealousy, possessiveness, rage
Hobbies: combat
Favourite food: doesn't care
Favourite colour: red
Extra fact: Raven only slept with Hollam before his coming of age to make Cail jealous

Raven is a forceful woman whose contempt for and distrust of T'skya creates tension in Wilderwood and puts Cail in a difficult position. She is a force to be reckoned with and does not suffer fools gladly.

When creating her character I wanted someone you could still empathise with; someone passionate and with good reason for her malice and possessiveness. I wanted a woman who was single minded, strong and able, yet flawed. I think she is someone many of us can relate to even if she isn't the most loveable character.

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