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Character profiles

(based on his role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Race: Roumanhi
Age: mid 40s perhaps
Appearance: rugged, lean, dark hair, dark eyes
Relationship: bonded to Lily
Character: steadfast, honest, loyal, compassionate, genial, generous
Worst habits: keeps his feelings inside, sometimes too resolute
Hobbies: wrestling, stonework, woodwork
Favourite food: nutloaf
Favourite colour: purple
Extra fact: Tarn has championed three men but Hollam is the only one still alive

Tarn started out as just another council member and I had no great plans for him, yet as his character developed I grew to like him more and more and he became a very important anchor for the dwellers, especially for Hollam, to whom is he best friend and champion.

Tarn has suffered greatly, yet he remains optimistic and steadfast in his duties. He can be relied on and is very set in his ways. He is also a talented craftsman, and produces most of the weapons and artefacts in Wilderwood. I see someone like the talented Viggo Mortensen (LOTR, Eastern Promises, The Road) as perfect for Tarn, although he could also play Commander Travis - I just can't make up my mind which would suit him more.

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