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Character profiles

(based on his role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Age: about 30
Rank: Wilderwood enclave council member and chief scout
Appearance: lean, long blond hair, very dark brown elfin eyes, pale skinned, good bone structure
Relationship: un-bonded - ex lover of Raven
Character: reserved, honourable, patriotic, courageous, dignified, good tactician, romantic
Worst habits: too serious for his own good, doubts his own abilities
Hobbies: unarmed combat, relating tales, honey collecting, playing the pipes
Favourite food: spicy vegetable hot pot
Favourite colour: silver
Extra fact: when Cail was a boy Gilgarad knocked him down for taking his sword without permission

Cail's appearance was originally mainly based upon the actor Keanu Reeves (Matrix) when he played Little Buddha - lean and dignified, with dark impassioned eyes. Of course I began writing in 1992 when Keanu was the right age to play the character. As the years went by, Keanu sadly became too old for the role and I could not find another actor that fitted my image of Cail. But then I saw the handsome and talented Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian, Dorian Gray, Killing Bono) in the fantasy film Stardust and instantly knew he was the perfect man. I now use his image to inspire me as I continue writing the series. After all, if Orlando Bloom (LOTR) with his dark eyes can become a blond elf, then Ben could certainly carry off being a blond Roumanhi forest dweller.

Cail was the image I saw fighting for his life when I was sitting on the side of a hill as a child. This scene is represented by his adventure and misfortune at the dell and was the compelling reason why I started writing Liberation.

Cail was always intended to have a leading role. I simply didn't know what would happen to him but I knew he needed to be challenged; knew he needed to be a leader and to have his heart and courage tested.

Ben Barnes as I imagine Cail

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