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JE Browning

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Race: English
Rank: author
Appearance: medium height, multi-coloured hair (I sometimes experiment), green eyes
Character: imaginative, kind, witty, determined, sometimes stubborn, adventurous
Worst habits: impatience, self-doubt, inability to relax easily
Hobbies: writing, martial arts, scuba diving, travel, nature, art, drumming
Favourite food: things that are bad for me, including chocolate!!
Favourite colour: blue
Extra fact: I hug trees :-)

I had always heard that an author doesn't write a novel but that a novel writes itself. I never understood what that truly meant until I embarked on my own journey to create the Tales of Roumanhi series. I just sat down and wrote about the scene I had imagined all those years ago as I sat on a hillside in Wiltshire.

I started in Greece in 1992, when I was working as an English language teacher in a small town called Drama on mainland Macedonia. I was alone in a foreign country where I couldn't always communicate and where customs etc were different, and I needed something creative to do. T'skya's lonely journey was a reflection of my own relative isolation at the time. (The original hand written manuscripts are photographed on the left)

I set to work writing by hand what is now Homequest: Liberation. I always intended to write a long novel; I loved Lord of the Rings, and I wanted to create something you could sink your teeth into and spend weeks reading instead of a few hours.

I didn't really have a plot at first, just a few ideas. Characters developed and said and did things I wasn't consciously expecting. Some characters demanded my attention becoming more important to me than those I had intended to feature. They also got themselves into unexpected scrapes I then had to find solutions to. That wasn't always easy.

Names and places just came into my head - my love of nature and desire to create an environment that reflected this is evident. Other names were created from sounds or words I had heard and liked or whatever just popped into my head.

250,000 words later I completed the immense novel. I still have the original sitting at home and it's interesting to compare the way I wrote then, to the way I write now. I have definitely improved.

In 1996 I returned to England, bringing my notebooks with me, although I somehow misplaced the book containing all my work on the Roumanhi language. I then set about editing the story, reducing it by half in order to make it tighter, more impactive and more exciting.

Life got in the way of writing very often. Homequest even sat for five years unloved and untouched. Eventually, however, I got Homequest into a form I was really pleased with decided to self-publish, despite the cost and risks involved. Having edited it myself I must apologise that one or two small typing errors exist (which my eyes failed to pick up) but they do not spoil the enjoyment of the book, so I hope you can forgive me.

I then went on to write the next two volumes in the series and publish them due to popular demand. As part of a double trilogy, the last 3 books are a work in progress.

I thank you for taking the time to look at my website. I hope that, if you enjoy reading the series as much as I have enjoyed writing it, you will spread the word; it's what keeps T'skya, Cail and Hollam alive.

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