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A beautifully written novel which has one of the most beautiful love scenes I have ever read! Lots of mischief and heart felt pain carry this story through more twists and ordeals for the people of Roumanhi to deal with. JE Browning's skilful and passionate way of writing keeps you enticed and wanting more.

P Weaver Dec 2012

Wonderful writing and storytelling which has been consistent throughout all the books. Strong characters great plotline all I can say is go buy it!! If you love fantasy, science fiction and drama then start with book one and read them all; you'll be pleased you did! Je Browning is a genius and very original.

Hetty Jan 2013

This book captured my attention and imagination right from the start. Its attention to detail and vivid descriptions put the reader in the world of the Roumanhi. Wonderful descriptions giving depth to the characters and meaning to their actions, their loyalty to each other and the pain that can bring. One can't help but get emotionally involved with the characters and feel their joys and pain.

P Lock Jan 2013

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