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Book Review: Tales of Roumanhi-Homequest: Liberation by J.E. Browning
Book Reviews: Fiction Meghan Morrow Volume 8 Issue 73 08/25/2010
By Meghan Morrow

Typically, I am annoyingly selective when it comes to reading sci-fi/fantasy novels. There are so many cookie-cutter stories out in the world that I have grown to dread seeing the cover of a new fantasy. When I picked up J.E. Browning’s novel, Tales of Roumanhi-Homequest: Liberation, fearing that it was just another attempt at science fiction, I can’t say that I was instantly intrigued, but upon delving further into the novel, I was sorely mistaken. Right from the beginning, Browning introduces her readers to a different world, complete with a mystical terrain and a new language. I have to say that the geek in me did a little flip at the thought of an entirely make-believe language.

Homequest: Liberation opens with a young environmental technician, T’skya, and her crash landing into a strange desert on her way to finding a new home for her people. After mysteriously transporting to the edge of the Roumanhi forest, she is captured by Cail and Hollam then accused of being a member of their enemy clan, the Kházakha. Both technologically superior and devoid of morality, the Kházakha corrupted the land of Roumanhi and continue to tyrannize the inhabitants. T’skya manages to convince the Roumanhis that she means them no harm and works with them. In between her new daily life and worrying about her people, T’skya becomes quickly attached to the Roumanhi clan, even allowing for a romance to kindle.

Days pass and cause T’skya to become more anxious about her ship until she finally warns the Roumanhis that her abandoned ship will alert the Kházakha of her presence so it must be located. The supplies T’skya finds after returning from a less-than-perfect search expedition allows her and the Roumanhis to hatch a plan that will sabotage the Kházakha. The mission goes awry and they lose Cail to the enemy, so T’skya and the rest of the Roumanhis must find a way to bring him back to safety—if he hasn’t already been lost.

In a world of fantasy, Browning has done a wonderful job not to stray into the unbelievable. From start to finish, Homequest: Liberation captured me. Every character had soul that leaped from the page and I found myself emotionally invested in every one of them. The land of Roumanhi is filled with, not only beauty, but dangers as well, and the trek along the terrain had me anxious and excited. Liberation is a maze of stories that take the reader off in several directions, but Browning was able to lead us easily through the labyrinth.

After reading the first page it sucked me in and I couldn't put it down. It is one of the most exciting books I have read; a real page turner. I can't wait for the next one.
Natalie C, Teacher, Wiltshire 15/08/10

That's a story full of action, suspense, love and principles.The way it is written makes the book unputdownable as all revelations occur in the last chapters!! Great story!! Really enjoyed it!!!!
Despoina S, English Teacher, Greece, 24/08/10

I became so totally absorbed in it that I literally could not put it down! The descriptions of the lands and characters bring the story alive, with interesting twists and turns, leaving me impatient for the next book in this series.
Rosemary W, Major Incident Planning Assistant, Wiltshire. 20/07/10

I absolutely loved the book! I fell in love with the main characters. The plotline kept me guessing all the way through the book, and it is a book I would recommend to anyone. My school library now owns one at my request! I can't wait for the next book!
Katy P, 14, Australia 29/09/10

This is the first book I have read for five years because I am not a great reader. Now I have read it twice and I can't wait for the next one. The way the story unfolds leaves you with no option but to keep reading. If you can read you will enjoy this book. There is something in it for everyone.
Su B, Wiltshire, 08/11/10

I read this book from cover to cover almost in a trance - the story goes from strength to strength and you will be never want to put it down until you get to the last page. Please, please do more!
Kev H, IT, Wiltshire, 10/08/2010

It is an immensely enjoyable read that builds to a surprising but ultimately rewarding ending which was nicely satisfying but still left me wanting more!
Debbie H, NHS, Wiltshire 08/11/10

Action, adventure and love are intensely shown and anyone will become an avid reader as soon as they start reading the book.
Eleni S, student, Greece, 16/09/1

From the first page JE Browning has created a world of its own, with every corner packed full of details. Whether you are up for that bit of philosophical (and moral) message or just want to enjoy some well written fantasy/sci-fi mix does not matter, the book caters for both.
Janine R, Germany, 16/11/10

Homequest-Liberation is not your ordinary run of the mill sci-fi: it is a well written and believable world, with astonishing creatures and varied landscapes. The whole book is extremely well crafted and engages your interest: my teenage daughter got to it before I did, and reviewed it in one word: "UNPUTDOWNABLE"
Mrs Caroline P, Teacher, Australia 31/08/10

It's been a while since I read a book that stayed with me even when I put it down, and which I couldn't wait to get back to reading...in fact it kept me up until gone 2am this morning because I just had to finish it. I'm now desperate to read book 2 and see what happens next.
Honour L. 06/08/10

I have just finished the book and would like to give you a warning! It's utterly addictive!! I began reading it a few days back and could not put it down since it has travelled with me everywhere; I couldn't stop wondering what would happen next!
A truly exciting read and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book!
Rob C, 11/01/11

The more I read, the more I could not put the book down, a totally bewitching read which has made me yearn for more.
This book is an instant giant amongst some of the world's best Sci-Fi novels. Genius!
Al P, Yorkshire, 10/01/11

Each character and the land itself had a soul, which brings the tale alive. The engaging plot had me anxious to read on to discover the fate of the characters and the land they hold so dear.
Elaine Q, Solicitor, Australia 02/03/11

Inventing languages for your cast of characters is something very few authors do and it shows in the depth, consistency and potential of the world you have developed. I eagerly await the next one in the series and wish you the very best of luck!
Oliver F, UK, 09/07/11

I’ve finished the book and I defy anyone who picks it up to put it down again! It struck a chord with me almost immediately as I identified with the Roumanhi’s and their love and reverence for nature. All in all, Homequest: LIBERATION is a very readable and compelling novel; with an important environmental message for us all.
Ursula L, artist, UK 11/10/11

This is a fast paced adventure from a writer with a great imagination. Very descriptive, you feel you are there with the characters which the author really brings to life. Highly recommend this book to all fantasy/science fiction readers.
Pat A, Legal Secretary, Australia, 11/03/2011

There are loads of twists and turns around every corner. Each character develops throughout the book. It's amazing, a really good read! I can't wait until I get the next one!
Ben H, pupil aged 12, UK, 21/10/11

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