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Scissor Sisters


On December 16th I travelled to Bournemouth for the Scissor Sister concert to see my friend Jake Shears taking to the stage. I have known Jake since he was a little boy. I became friends with his sister Sheryl at the American private school I attended between 1986-7 and stayed with the family several times during my year in the States, including spending Christmas with them in Arizona.

The concert was amazing and Jake had arranged aftershow tickets for me, where I also met up with his wonderful mum who had looked after me so well all those years before. It was refreshing just to sit there chatting about my book and about agents and a variety of other subjects as if he wasn't a huge star but just the boy I used to tuck into bed when I stayed over, now grown into an amazingly talented yet down-to-earth man.

I gave Jake a signed copy of Liberation as his Christmas present and he seemed genuinely excited about it, but when he'll have time to read it with his hectic schedule I don't know. He was more than happy for me to use his picture (thanks Jake) on my website, which was really kind of him, so I am sharing it with you.

On the left is the beautiful Ana Matronic, who happily chatted about her forthcoming comic strip, and on the right is myself, Jake and his mum, who, by the way, makes the best bran muffins.

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