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Character profiles

(based on her role at the start of the book to prevent bad spoilers)

Age: 21
Rank: Homequest environmental analyst - level 3, and pilot
Appearance: petite, medium length black hair, intense green eyes
Relationship: single
Character: inquisitive, stubborn, outspoken, kind-hearted, fearful of pain, sharp minded
Worst habits: impatience, slow to forgive, sharp tongued
Hobbies: studying history, botany, flying
Favourite food: anything sweet
Favourite colour: blue
Extra fact: T'skya had to wait an extra year before starting her pilot training as she was considered too short to reach all the controls.

T'skya may be the result of my own life at the time I started writing Liberation. Like her, I had headed off into the unknown. I was in a foreign country where I didn't speak the language, was unfamiliar with the customs and way of life and having grown up in the countryside I then found myself living in the centre of a busy town. I was also very isolated at first, with no friends or family to support me.

T'skya was not based upon anyone or anything specific. All I knew was that I wanted her to be a small person who had to dig deep to find her courage. I wanted her to be quite feisty - she's needed to be - yet to be innately fearful and reliant on others.

When I first wrote about T'skya I pictured her looking a little like the young Winona Ryder, but since it has taken 18 years to publish the novel I now think Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen -The Twilight films) has the perfect look for the character..

Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen

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